Juwita Suwito



This Side of Heaven

by Juwita Suwito

Released 11/20/2015
Four Forty Records Sdn Bhd
Released 11/20/2015
Four Forty Records Sdn Bhd
The long-awaited EP featuring Juwita's mesmerising single "Belle of the Ball" and her sprightly follow-up record "Just Like That". "This Side of Heaven" embodies Juwita's most heartfelt compositions and vocals to date.
"We live in tumultuous times.
And yet the human spirit continues to live, love and hope.
It has the capacity to rejoice, rise up and press on despite being challenged with heartbreak, loss, uncertainty and disappointment.

This is what This Side of Heaven is about.
The five songs encapsulate my journey over the last three years and though it runs for a mere 21 minutes, I do hope you will be blessed by every nuance in …
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