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Hi! Do you still remember me from Trinity Methodist Church? We didn't get to talk for real long, though I said I loved your music. I heard 'Just Like That' on the radio and I thought, wow, this is one's just screaming out to me. Thanks for performing it in my church. It's my favorite song. XD Also, your songs I've heard are like mini-novels singing stories to me. And like the little girl in 'Just Like That' I love writing novels too! I'd like to use some parts of your songs to use on my character. Is that alright? ^-^ God bless!
Hey there! I am so astounded by your outstanding voice as proven in "Belle of the Ball" and "Just Like That" lately as they are getting more and more popular. Thank goodness Lite FM has those songs. They are just amazing that I can't even describe it with words. Plus, your lyrics in songs are cool! Keep up the good work! :) Regards, VKZY
Hi Juwita, Just to let you know.....there's one night as i was driving home late at night , I heard of a beautiful song on radio, immediately Soundhound it...but it couldn't identify what song was it! So every time it aired again on radio, I would try my best to memorize the lyrics so that i can google snippets of the songs online....and then i found it.....it was your beautiful rendition of Belle of the Ball. It was absolutely soothing and the song and your voice was perfect. I wish more people will be aware of the song and hopefully one day, I got the chance to hear you perform live.....till then, all the best Juwita and continue singing:) Love, Ilham
We like the musik from Juwita Suwito. And we broadcast natural her music on http://www.indoradio.nl Director Indo Radio Netherlands.
Hi Juwita,I don't know if you can still remember me,as we know we did performed together a long time ago,it is 2009 and the song that we did performed together was Stand By Me.Anyway for the most recent times,I was living under depression.I was depressed mainly because i was feeling trapped,feeling trapped of peoples standards regarding my art and also of being "gifted" when it was not really that.And also most recently,being in an internship in the animation department,the toll hit me very hard,I was in my darkest hour and the people whom i thought would be by my side were the ones that was turning my back at me.Even so,I just got a C for it and it was very rare for me because I was an A student there and was so called one of the best students there.I was feeling so down over it.However,when I heard your song Belle Of The Ball,I felt that an old friend of mine was comforting me.I was sobbing and my inner voice has rebelled totally to get out of this shadow that everyone was putting me into.Finally I felt that I was not alone and there would always be a way out,I can still find an outlet that is right for me and when this song is played every time on the radio,things would get better and better.For years after this concert,I had always wanted to sing on stage and i never got the chance because people told me that i am not good enough and for that I've been living under a shadow backstage.But today,not anymore.Right now,I've found my voice in church and also have been writing songs to express my feelings.Even so I was learning how to play the guitar.I still read though,but right now life has been better for me after this song.I think life has been better for me and for the few years,there are people who did told me that I can sing and music was within me indeed and those old memories of five years ago did make me smile a lot. Anyway thank you for changing my life.It may not be by words of comfort,but a song,a touching song like Belle Of the Ball would do.Finally I have the courage to stand up and believe that things would always get better.For years,I've felt so lost that there is no option and now,there is an option,there are too many options.I just hope that we can just one day catch up and talk like we did five years ago.For much thank you very much and I just hope to hear from you.With much love,Charlotte
As a director of music (mainly gospel and classical) I find this album or music as an excellent piece of work. It really ministers. But Ive had the opportunity to see you sing in person just once and I believe you are a really great and humble musician
Hi... I first heard your song over the radio when I was in Brunei. (Belle of the Ball) At that time, we were listening to LiteFM. When I came back to the Philippines, I listened to LiteFm online and waited for the song to be played again. I googled part of the lyrics and luckily I found the song and the artist! I fell in love with the soothing and calming sound of your song! I can now listening to your songs via youtube. More power and Best of Luck!
Just heard you sing 'live' over lite fm and was completely blown away! Have heard you sing in various Christmas / Christain events but hearing you sing over radio today just highlighted the gift of your craftsmanship. It's interesting that watching The Voice with Pharrel William on it, he used a word that is so apt in describing your talent - Anointed! That' s what you are. May you bring Him glory the world over with your voice! Blessings to you. Warm regards, Alison
Love your new song - Belle Of The Ball. When will you be releasing it? Can't wait!
You are a brilliant artist, an amazing vocalist. May God continue to use you.
Finished listening to your album. praise God for your voice. Continue to bring His love, His presence through your songs. And may be if God prompt you, to have a praise concert in Kuching!
I was really down and spiritually weary when I attended the event in FGC JB a few weeks back and we met for a brief moment. But I listened to your music on the way back and 'Stand' and 'Sejak Hadirmu' really spoke to me personally. Thank you for choosing to exercise the gift which God gave to you and praise the Lord for a faithful servant like yourself. May you continue to touch hearts and bless souls with your music.
Thanks ju !!your song really inspired my life..may god bless u and ur carier..
God bless the Suwito family... Juwita has one of the most beautiful voices around... Aubrey is one of the best music arranger around... The late Rev Suwito was one of the gentlest clergy I knew.. Mrs Rev Suwito - the supportive strength in the background...
Happy Birthday ya! Hehehehehe...
Thanks for coming to Ipoh for the Gospel Music Workshop on Nov. 17th. God bless you and may He continue to use you mightily.
Wow,what a great voice! It'll be so awesome to have you in Ghana for promotions,production and performances.We look forward to invite you in the nearest future.You're welcome to check : www.facebook.com/ikeboat1 and Add me on your list as friend.TY!
hey kak Juwita... *nervous* Thanks for coming to our Anglican Diocesan BM Youth Camp at Telupid. The Concert was awesome! and your voice is just so amazing... may God bless you! :D
Hello from Melbourne! Totally didn't know you came over in 2009 and am definitely kicking myself that I missed out on it! God bless you for using your talents to glorify His name! Praise God! I think you're overdue for a gig here in Melbourne too ;)
Is there any minus one track for Stand available?
Greetings in the Lord. Keep the great work Juwita and may you be a blessing to many in Malaysia and beyond. God bless you. Evangelist Ayron Year Of Glory Ministries
juwita, tks for coming to kuantan wesley. when u sang 'stand' last night, it was as if you were singing my life's events for the past 2 years. thank u. God bless.
I stumbled upon on one of Ju's song (You In Me) over YouTube. From then on I searched for her other songs and completely overwhelmed by her soothing voice and the inspiring messages of her songs. Looking forward to finally meet her on my visit in Malaysia or at least buy her album there =) Terima Kasih!
i just knew the unreserved love in english version recently as i've been asked to play this song for a friend's wedding. I wonder if it is possible for me to get the piano score for this song.
Hi Juwita...Am mesmerised by your song...STAND...and your voice too...am sure it will go ballistic...if well promoted...keep up the good works...Cheers!!!
Hi Juwita, Heard that you've just released another new album! Congrats! God bless! Please send my regards to Aubrey & LeiTin and your mum! Blessings, Victor
Your song Stand is such a beautiful and meaningful song, love it so much,
i love d song "breathe again"...it made me cry and yet made me live again =)
This is my first visit. When I heard the new song in the Radio, at first I didn't know it was Juwita's song but I like the song so much.
Thanks so much for coming to perform at UNITEN yesterday, I'm sure you inspired all of us especially me. :) Hope to see you again next year.
Thanks for being such a blessing and an inspiration. Your songs are beautiful love letters to our Creator.<3
all the best Ju... luv all ur creativity.
I m so in love with ur song " Stand" The lyrics are so meaningful, i just like it so much....keep on the good work!!
hey there .. am i allow to revived the malaysian idol in future pls? hope to hear from you soon pls reply via email ok? thanks & regards janice tang
Hi There I am just curious to know whether Juwita Suwito is related to Rev Elkanath Suwito ( Rev The Kim Soei ), former pastor of Grace Methodist Church, Kuala Lumpur ?
Enjoyed the worship at Canning garden church. You encouraged me.
heya there... i love "all this time"!!! i hope it's ok if i took ur lyrics n posted in in facebook so all my friends can read it.. thanx so much for the song.. much appreciated.. :)
all the best...is there any satu suara minus one
Good job, keep it up, God Bless, regards to Mrs Suwito.
love juwita's songs..=)
Hiii...l'm looking for the guitar chord for the song satu suara
Hi, Loved the song Unreserved Love and been looking for the piano sheet for so long...can you provide me with the piano sheet? I play the piano and would love to learn it and share it in church...thanks a lot in advance....God Bless...
nice song - unreserved love
My friend of mine recommended this song while i was down, and miraculously her song's are soothing to the ears. Thank you Juwita :) for your lovely songs.
Love the song "Unreserved Love" sung by you
We are a South African singing duo just loving your music! God bless you!
God is looking down with a big smile on His face as he delights in the work that you do. Continue to shine for Him and His Kingdom. God bless you abundantly.
i like 'unreserved love'.
I am looking for Piano Music Score Sheet for Unreserved Love as my wife & I have been asked to play this song for an upcoming wedding. Please let me know if and how I can obtain the music sheet. Thanks a lot. God Bless You. Regards Oz
her voice is very powerful. i like it ........
im your biggest fan from sandakan..........
i love the song why oh why.. would like to get the lyrics
Very Good.!!! Good Job...
The first song that I love was Beautiful Lies featured in Gol and Gincu. I was really amazed by Juwita's voice. it makes me calm and the songs written by Juwita has extraordinary soothing effects to me! Looking forward to see you performing live in Malaysia! All the best!
i just had a 2 day work shop with Juwita, and i just want to say that she is an amazing singer and vocal coach, her awesome personality really makes her music so soulful, i just want to thank her for everything, and hope to one day see her sing in one of her concerts. You are my inspiration.
hey this is Angeline L-Raja from SIB,KL, How are you doing? Been a while ya..
great voice..great songs...all the best!!
hey Juwita your musics is amazing. I heard unreserved love and fell in love with it. I want to do it for youth worship at my church is there anyway i can get a copy of the sheet music for it?
Good evening to you, I love the song "unreserved love" Are you the songwriter ? Where can I get a cd and the music sheet ? Thanks, Take care Tim
I really like your"satu suara" song. can u plz plz send me the lyric and chord? thanks..;)
I have searched and searched for a site to download "Malasia truly Asia"but to no avail. Any sites I find that might do it seem to be blocked in China
can i get ths music sheet or sheet music to the song unreserved love, thank you
great voice and meaningful songs n lyric!
nice song(satukan kami)
i like you song
Am one of your fan, just seen you at TV2 this morning, I am really proud with your performer even than you are singging such a oldies country.
Hi there, I m ur biggest fan, just wondering do u give vocal lessons?
Hi juwita.. can i ask for the chords for the song Why Oh Why? I love this song so much!!!
hallo...please give me kord on guitar and piano "song why oh why"...
Actually, when I heard 'WALK AWAY' somewhere around 2008 (late, hah!!), I really thought it was come from American singer. But guess what? My best friend told me it was her!!! Maybe it is time now to speak about international singer from our beloved country... Too bad, the nearest store at my hometown doesn't sale your CD. Only bought from Speedy Video at Pavilion KL.
I am a lead singer for our praise band in Hawaii. Where can I get the music sheet for "Unreserved Love"?
hi, I am a student from Sunway university college. I am from the school of computer techonology. This semester I have a subject called the community service. My lecturer and the IT staff of the school wants to raise fund to install computers to a group of villagers in Kg Jelintuh, Gopeng. In accordance to this fund raising project. The management would like to have a simple tea and fashion show. I would like to invite you to sing a few songs on the 3rd of february 2010 which is wednesday. My friend and I is in charge of the fashion section. Hope to hear from you soon.. time is at 4 pm. And the venue is at Multi Purpose Hall.
Satu Suara is GREAT!!! amen! GOd's glory will prevails in Mayalsia! AMEN!
Hi Juwita, you sang All This Time at world harvest the other day and well i just wanted to let you know that i was really blessed by your song. may God bless you and may he keep inspiring you to bless others by your works.
no 1
saya mahu tahu semua note lagu x-mas....blh???
I love this
I have not heard her singing but I am very interested to listen to her songs one of these days. God bless.
Thanks for the wondeful songs and the strong lyrics that you'd protrayed through your singing.. It gave me strength somehow to continue on ... I'm really grateful ..Thx a lot. Keep up your work !! You're a wonderful person ..
AWESOME! Keep up the good job Juwita! =)
hi juwita! any plan for 2010? Concert? hopefully can see u a little bit more than now in local music scene... love you! All the best!
Keep up the good job, Juwita! Luv u! =)
I heard ur song " Breathe again" yesterday, and love it very much. it's quite perfect and touched, ur song helps me hear my heart. i just want to say thank you. hope u're doing well and have great songs like this
Fabulous and fantastic! One of the fascinating moment in my live is when witnessing your performance and listening to your inspirational talk during the ICG 2009! Hope you can continue to give a good example to all youths nowadays! I'm looking forward to your incoming concert, and performance! Cheers!
Hi, you are great, met you when G Verwer was here. how can I contact you. Ray
Breathe again is really my love song... Everytime when I listen, I always recall some memories...
Great Music
so beautiful song and beatiful voice. wow!!!
Hi Juwita.. how's thing? You've been quiet lately... :) I know u've been bz with ur Aussie trip preparation & oh ya, ur album melayu bila nak keluar? ;) Wish u all the best though! Luv u! :)
Thanks fr teach vocal tecnique duirng the confrensi t kajang. Talent fr God.
luv breath again song
can you email me the lyric of SATU SUARA
Hey Juwita! i hope you still remember me.. Hand in Hand with the stars? shared suite 2 wit you? haha I LOVE your songs and hope to keep in touch. God bless!~ Ps. do add me as u have my email . :) take care
Where can I obtain a legal copy of your song "unreserved love" in piano version score
This is always what you wanted since young. I sure ET is very proud of your achievement. But remember what He has given us is meant to glorify him in one way or another. I wish you the very best in all your upcoming projects. Remember He's always there .. just need to call his name.
great song, great lyrics and melody !
ahh.. listened your song being aired jz now on light fm :) Waiting 4 your new news though, kind of missing u ;)
i want lyric the song (satu suara-juwita suwito)
You are great! More Power!
Hi juwita, hope u still remember me. I'm one of the photographer at QueensBayMall penang for Charity Fashion show. I'm so happy, able to take photo with you. It was great! I like your vocal, it was so sweet. Nice to meet u....
Hello, i don't think you can remember me but last time my dad was the pastor of Klang Wesley, pastor Henry Yong. Your singing is really good. Continue to shine for God's name
Hi. I'm Charles Ng, from Kem Pelangi 2008. Can i get your handphone no?? i have called the number you gave me for many times but the no. is unavailable. please reply me as soon as possible my email address is < hazel0415@yahoo.com >
Hi! Juwita, please come to meet us and our students in Sun-U! Hope to see you and hear your beautiful voice here!
Love u!
Hi Ju, Cool website! Have been listening to some of your new releases! Sounds cool too! Keep it up, sister! Blessings, Victor & Alicia
hihi juwita...huhu......long time no see. durian season starting in Lipis liao....oops.....by the way...happy birthday...
Happy belated birthday, Juwita!
i use to sing song. there is a need of a girl who may sing song because i want to give a surprise to our india. contact no-9602056606
I rated the "Malaysia Truly Asia" television advertisement as among or perhaps the best I had seen -- primarily because of the signature tune. This was some years ago..and since then the music has undergone several changes but the voice remained the same. I always wanted to trace whose voice it was behind the music. I have finally discovered Juwita today and her magical voice. I wonder when the legendary David Foster will notice and put you under his wings like he has done for so many promising singers worldwide. What a joy it is to listen to your voice Juwita and a pride for us "Asians"....Writing to you from India.
chord gitar
i cant stop playing the great song breath again its one of my fave songs and when i have had a long day at work i play your song and its help me to think of peace and quite,,,,,,, words cnt express my love for this wonderfly song, i live in the UK, and i have just found this website,,, i hope the song remains with me 4ever more, thak you for the lovely sing,, juwita
in case you've forgotten, it's Mr Gerald, formerly of MGS Klg. great to see what a success you are. continue to shine and excl in all you do.
ur great..
Hi Juwita. Ure an awesome singer and composer. Just saw u on tv :DDD I cant find yr songs though. :/
Hai Juwita..i m the one of your big fan..can i have your chords ( keyboards ) for the You in me song..i like to play on my keyboard..Thank You.
Hello to all ! Greetings From Poland. very Good Page !
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heyo.. juwita.. last time you gave a brief lesson on vocal in BCM, which helps a lot.. Thanks! Oh yeah, and I like your playing that day.. just wondering.. do you have the chords for your song breathe again? Would love to have it, as the song is real meaningful.. =)
hi erm i really love " one golden celebration " but i can't dl the song from anywhere ..... so i was hoping that u could send me the song . Thx in advance
Hi Juwita. I am Jimmy from Toronto, Canada. In this week, I accidentally found a song called "Unreserved Love" sang by you, and I loved it a lot. I downloaded from a music downloader, I just want to ask you if you can send me the original version of that song to my e-mail or no? If you can then that's my e-mail address, I want to share this song with a very special friend. Thank you.
Merry Christmas, Juwita. All the best for year 2009. Keep on shining.. Loveee you!
Dear Juwita, I just heard your version of "Unreserved Love" in my good friend's wedding and it's the best I've ever heard. Merry Christmas!
Wish u a very merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Pray that you will have a marvelous year ahead. God bless!! Love, Jessie
Hi juwita....i was wondering if you give vocal lessons? would be honored to learn from u :)
hi, juwita.. I am surprise that in Malaysia, we have such a good singer. I bought your album from the Camp Pelangi. Your sound is just perfect and wonderful. I am the camper too. I get your singnature. Anyway thanks for joining with us the camp. We will appreciate. May the Lord bless you abundance. Good Luck in your career
hey ju! hope u r in the pink of health as always...i would like to suggest to you...can you put up a lyrics section here on your official website? so that it's easy for everyone to find them and sing along with your songs...please do consider my suggestion...=) may god blees u always...lots of luvs and hugs...take care girl!
I love the satu suara song.. it's an amazing song.. may the Lord bless our country Malaysia....."Satukan kami dalam kasih Yesus,,,Satukan kami dalam kemuliaan Mu...." AMEN...GBU
i really like your carier so... take care always pray for you!!!!
Hi Juwita, I saw your performance at the charity musical event for Rumah KIDS of Grace Community Services. I like one of the songs you wrote very much, You In Me. It is very inspiring and personal. Can I know where I find the chords for that song ? Thank you.
Great to know you have progressed so much in your singing career. Used to know you during days in Wesley melaka and Grace methodist, sentul.
what a wonderful voice you have... (= Can't wait to see you perform at the GOssip Go Celebrate Street Party next Friday! guys, do check out the GOssip site which Juwita will performing for the event: gossip08.blogspot.com
i love your voice..God bless u
hey !I was one of em who hunted u down for autographs in ECC on friday !Love ur voice and love tht u came down here to bless the youthies with the gift God gave you. Oh and i forgot to say ,love ur malaysian accent-lah !! Merdekaaa ;) (i think ur dad would prolly know my mom, Dr.Siew Hwee Chin ?) God bless!! ~janey~
Greetings... You are so blessed with a lovely voice. I would love to hear you sing gospel songs. Cheers and God Bless!
I love your songs! =)
i love the satu suara song.. we just finish our freedom festival last saturday n one of the band perform this song.. it's an amazing song.. may the Lord bless our country Malaysia..AMEN
i need to download one golden celebration instrumental and singing one.... i got no idea where to get it. i also need the lyrics for this song in MALAY if possible can you give me the sheet score for the voice harmony? i'm actually having a choir competition in my school. :)
I love your Satu Suara song. We always sing it during our church youth gathering. i hope i can get a copy of the minus one if theres any.
Great show last night at the Cavern. 1st time hearing you.Blew me with - Desperado, Over the rainbow, time in the bottle ! thanks for signing the CDs. As mentioned you should look up the song Mimpi Sedih enjoy the rest of you Oz tour
I still remember the day you came to SMK DU, you rock !! I love your voice !
Hey Juwita, you're simply amazing with that God-given talent! Given a chance, sure would like to do a duet with you one day. Continue to give Him the glory.
Hey, Ju! Just only listen to your album 'For Real'. I'm dead sure that your voice is really so melodious...Keep it up! You did raised the bar for the local music scene!!!
hey again :) your duet with maria angela esther rebano(wait..did i get it right??) during the One Life Revolution was AMAZING! totally blew me away..i will always remember that performance which is the best live performance ever! will be supporting you always, take care and god bless~
it,s so pleasure to listen ur voice.At the first time i hear ur song, i,m falling in love with it! I love it so much..
I just love to see u on stage. And guess what? U're like a mentor for me. I want to be like u Juwita!! =)
Hey.juwita thanks for coming to my skool smkdu.it was an awesome perfomances.u guys rock.hope u can again soon.
Keep up the good work and all the efforts that you have put in for God will surely bless you and keep you close to His side.
thanks for coming to our school and rock the school down. My friends and I really love your performance. hope to see you again! ;]
Cool website!
hope you come to SMKDU again soon!!
Hello , i want to thank you for dropping by to my school , your voice is awesome. Thanks!
Hi Juwita! Thanks for coming to my school yesterday! It was the best time that's ever happened in my school since I entered form 1. :P Great voice and love all the songs you sang! God Bless You and continue rocking!!! :)
thank u so much for performing at our skul! it was one of d best days ever...u guys are awesome..everyone loves u and your band! u have amazing vocals and have inspired many :) god bless~
thanks for coming to our school to perform. changing the motivational talk to a semi-concert was a great idea. you guys really made a big impact. thanks for lifting our spirits during spm year. XD coolest moment : tony n his 'stop n stare' lol thanks again n c u guys soon!
thanks for making my birthday an awesome one! :D you guys rock!
Hi, It's me again.. i wanna buy 2 albums of yours. where can i find it? oh and when i do can you autograph for me? haha. pls reply thx.
oh and tell ur frens,Tony,hiro,Jeff,Elena, Curly hair guy and the chubby fella they all rocks.. including u of course.^^
Juwita, u and ur frens rox man.. Thx for coming to our school today.^^ Hope to see u again next time.=)
Hi Juwita, dam f***king excellent performance at SMKDU. I heard of you from distance. but seeing and hearing from the real, is truly ground breaking. your a Christian ryte? i was wondering whether you could perform a song on our school's prom night. if that's not too much to ask. oh and i work for JL Audio and Visual Effects. i guess thats all. your truly a star. oh and help me tell jeff that he rocks.. oh and tony too... that hiro taking all gurls attention.. haha.. ok that's all.. oh n tell jeff and tony, THeY RAWK?!! thx.
great performance. i like your bassist. hehe. you rock!
hahaha , i'm just joking, just wanna take a look of your band. XD You Rock!!!!! JUWITA!!!! GO GO GO :)
where is the blonde girl we saw that day in the school SMKDU? you know her friendster?
thanks for coming to our school , and also your signature on my T-Shirt =)
Thanks for coming to our school and rocking out. Great show.
like the song walk away damn so much.. my love song.. huhu.. can u send me the lirik.. please100x...
Nice site
love your sms song but cant't find it on d youtube!
hello..... i like all your songs Juwita.... only today was the first time i knew bout you..... hope to get lyrics coz some are not available ... :( i love all your songs .... now one of all my favrites .... cheers !!!!! Regards & best wishes..... keep it up! from Philippines
I have one of your album in my church music library. And imust say your stuff is real orignal stuff. You have so much to offer to us and your lyrics are truly meaningful and inspires me to continue to compose music. God Bless You and continue to keep up the good work.
Dear Juwita, You were such a crowd-pleaser at the Calvary Family Day 2007, my family & friends enjoyed your performance tremendously. I understand that you've sung live before at Alexis, GE Mall.. any plans to perform there again? All the best for your upcoming shows. God bless.
Hi Ju, I am from China and i 'm wondering where i could buy your album here. I've been to Hongkong and Singapore, but I failed to see any...
Do you offer vocal class (1-1)?
Is there any piano version of Breathe Again for sale online?
whatever you do...don't give up!
halo juwita.. i really like your song and your voice.. You have a beautiful voice... and this is the nice website.. GBU
Nice new website background. It's cool and elegant. God bless u more, and keep on shining! Love u!
Hey there!..nice website you have. love the background. Thank you so much for being at the Cu rally in Assunta. It was awesome and your songs which you sang were lovely. God bless you so much. ^.^
Like the new website. cool. best wishes to you in your ministry. God Bless
Dear Juwita, I'm very glad to find you on FB and so happy to see you so successful with your music career. I used to attend MGSS and remember you singing as a little girl and it is amazing to see you doing so well and making use of the beautiful voice and talent that God has given you! Take care and God bless!
Miss Juwita, any where I can purchase online the karaoke version of Breathe Again?
Hi, Ms. Juwita. You were really awesome at the Assunta CU Rally. And I praise God for giving you such a wonderful talent in singing. To me, singing is not only a way to express yourself, but also to express to others what God's love is all about. It gives people a chance to feel how it is. I've been singing as backup in a church at Kota Damansara ( KL Bread of Life ) (same as Araya [Cheryl]) i only sang a few times. I was just wondering if such a wonderful singer like you, Ms. Ju could help me serve God better.
hey, i was the worship leader at the assunta rally.. really great to see u performed.. and really thank God u are able to make it.. God bless.
God has give you a great talent. i heard you voice & your song..i love it.. May God Bless You!! (^_^)
hi, was jst at the Assunta Rally. love your voice & your THE BEST!!! *may GOD bless U *Good luck !!
Hello Ms. Ju, I have been writing songs since I was 15. So I was thinking could you share with me how do you compose songs? an I am looking forward for the Jubilee album. Praise God for the effort you guys put in! :)
Hey, hey... Was just at the Assunta Rally. I was actually very stunned when I first heard you. Love your voice, you were great. Glory to God!
This's first time I listen Juwita's songs . Interesting ! I admire her !
Hey Juwita, Found this guest book unintendedly. Cos i'm looking for your lyrics. haha, anyway, Blessed birthday ya. God bless. Warmest Regards, Clement Foo (DCT 2007)
Hi Juwita, Happy Birthday!!!! I'm sure u won't know me. But i've heard ur voice through "Satu Suara". I love it so much. Let me introduce myself abit to u. I'm a burmese karen. I heard ur song through my Malaysian friend. And when i tried to find the lyric in internet, i found ur website here and saw that its your birthday. So Happy Birthday Again! May God Richly Bless U!! New Friend, Baybra
Happy Birthday!
hey, i was at your concert recently . at the trinity methodist church in penang . i was just wondering, what is the name of the band that was playing ?
Happy Birthday Juwita! God bless u! Will support u always! Loveeee u!
Hey Juwita, I was wondering what does it take to accomplish as much as you have. What does one need to get his/her album recorded as professionally as yours?
hi juwita...a friend of mine,Morgan, band leader of AKUR from Kuching would love you to spare sometime to listen to a couple of their tracks.. if u are interested,do email me. thanks!
Hello Thank you so much for responding to my question on you tube haha Erm.. When are u coming to Singapore?? Would love to see you sing here... Well, all the best ya...:P
Hi Juwita! thx for performing at FCT's Youth Festival 2008. You've got great talent there. And that was a nice cover of umbrella. Hope you will record that soon! =P
I like all ur song, nice and can release my tension...Good luck Juwita (J).....
A vy Gud singer wth powerfull voice.. Go juwita.. God blez..
i fall in love with all Ju's songs..... GBU JU.....
where can i find the lyrics why oh why...??
Amazing voice!.loved breathe again!.bless you!
Could u send me satu suara lyrics? Thanks & GBU....
Lovely songs...All the best..Juwita..keep on rolling babes....
aah...pretty nice colour of website
All the best to you Juwita on all your future undertakings.. I am waiting for more surprises from you..
Why oh why is a very nice song
hey babe.. love your song.. - All This Time.. Happy New Year!!
Ju, a very blessed Christmas to u. Congrats for your latest achievement too!! J'adore!!!
hey Juwita, saw u at DUMC on christmas day and in fact just sat a couple of seats beside u. anyway, u are a outstanding singer!! good work!!!
yeah!!i m from MGS as well=)
Juwita! Glad to know that you are from MGS Klang too! :)
hey Juwita! attended ur performance today at City Church KL. so happy to meet u again=) i was there when u r in Klang
I like your songs... :D
Hi Juwita, Nice website! Congratulations over your latest win! Best regards, Eugene PS: If you're looking for the review of your album on the site, it is as follows: http://alldatjazz.com/item/9
You were great in DC Christmas Production. It was great singing with you :)
Hello Juwita, As the runner up for best composition from Malaysia in the Music Aid Awards 2007, I wish to congratulate you for having wan the Best Solo Female artist from Malaysia. From what I heard on your web site, you really deserve it!
Hi..Ju, you have a great voice!! I fell in love with your voice when i first heard your song.. awg@myy
hey ju! fell in luv with all ur songs in for real since d first time i heard them! still remember u from our vocal workshop here in kuching. i'm ur 'driver' punya sis btw. lurve ur songs! ciao n god bless!
Hi, Get to know you from Nokia IAC and i love your voice. Btw, your music video is kewl!!!
I really admire your singing talent and the heart you have for God all these while.. I was trying to search high and low for the lyrics of 'Why Oh Why'.. it speaks of my heart.. but anyhow.. i cant find it anywhere.. but anyhow.. thanks a lot ^^
hurm...kak Ju!!! saya minat lagu satu suara...suka dgn suara awak!!!
Helloooo. Love your songs! :} Was at your performance at Harvest church. Magnificent voice.
hi, i heard Part of a Fool last week and i got hooked. this song is beautiful. i love it so much! oh, and Walk Away is so cool. i'll be getting a copy of For Real on my next allowance. so, Juwita, doing any shows anywhere? i'd love 2 c u live. ur d best, for Real! chow..;-)
Hi Ju, I got c an article about u at the wikipedia site...I was suprised with ur age they put there...wei...really ah? Eh...nvm indeed...just a lil' bit suprised... Whatever it is... I love u so much...love ur voice so much... luuuuvvvvv uuuuuu... gonna support u always.....muaks... God bless
After seeing you perform at the LOUD! concert in DUMC, you're on my toplist of best vocals. Really you're good! God bless and see ya around! :)
hi! when i heard ur voice, i just totally was blown away. i knew i wanted to find the person behind the voice. and wow! a wonderful testimony you are of God and His blessings...keep it going!!
hai sis.... i love your voice actually...hopefully to share your vocal tips...
hai sis juwita.... i really......really... love your music n voice....its make me free when im stress...also love to listen your christian songs.... keep it up my sis....may god bless your future....
i love hoj juwita suwito.. i'm from Glad tidings and DUMC... i have seen you 3 times already. and i love the music Destiny's calling..
great voice!!! much respect!
i have a philipines friend who just finished her singing contract in the ONE world hotel and are looking for another 3 month contract to feel the gap before she goes to singapore for her nect show. Is there anyone you know in the hotel that woul like to hire a jazz singger?
heyy ju . i love ur voice and music . could u send me all of ur song lyrics ? thnks .
hey.... i like ure satu suara song....but i find it hard to get ure lyric...where can i get them?? or mayb u can send it to me
I like the theme song of Visit Malaysia 2007, One Golden Celebration.
So I have been noticing you since your first song, " SMS " released. Well, friends hate it, but I love it. =) Now, your latest song is playing on air, but I don`t know the song`s title. -_- Anyway, I adore your voice. =) Mom was " Who is she? Shakira? ". =) Haha. So that means you have an angelic voice. =) Keep it up. I will always support you. =)
All This Time Music Video is awesome.. love the words on the shirts!
gud luck 4ur music...
Nice malaysian star...i like it
do u still remember me last we met in Labuan...i'm Finian's frens..I juz want 2 say that ur voice is very wonderful n profesional..i wish i can sing together wt u someday...
hi ju... i really loves ur voice n music... its killin' me... heheh... keep up ur good work... gud luck 4ur music...
All this time is really a great song u have. How come i've never heard u here at Jakarta. Please do come sometimes.
Hi! Juita! Actually, I never heard your songs before but i believe you have the beautiful voice. So, see you on the Youth Transformation 2007 (YT07)
Hi Juwita! All da best! ;) Giving u my fullest support..really like to hear MORE songs from you..
Juwita, really love your voice... hope i can hear you sing my favourite "WHY OH WHY" on this coming 28th & 29Th Sep's gig at Alexis!!!!!! Amazing voice!!!!!
Luv u Juwita! U rawk... God bless
You rock! :D Keep it up. God bless. How do i watch your S.M.S vid? Have been looking for it all over.
juwita...i love u.. i love ur talents.. i love ur songs..keep it up gal..
Your Walk Away really rocks,im so proud to be 1 of your fans.1st time i saw you when you in Malaysian Idol for vocalist tutor.i was shocked when i saw u in Ikano for the Merdeka countdown and u sang that song..i was like...wo...keep it up Juwita..
Hi Ju Went to Ikano for Merdeka bday bash and heard ur wonderful voice again. You always had that good voice since small. Keep it up :)
Hey there! Would like to say that you were just awesome last night at the curve during the Merdeka Celebration!!
Hey! Alicia here. Hope you still remember me. I was at the concert and dinner held at ACS in Kuching on the 20 & 21. I was really happy to be able to meet and see you singin live! And it was all for a good cause summo! I'm sure God will be very proud of you,Jac & Patrick. Anyway,I hope to hear from you soon! God Bless!:)
really luv ur songs..espacially beautiful lies n all this time..u hve a very nice voice..at 1st i listned to ur songs,i thought u're from somewhere out there..nway,keep it up..!!!i like u very2 much!!^,*
hi! i must say tat ALL your songs are super great! da lyrics, musics n da vocal r so wonderful!! keep up da gud work!! GodblessU
Hi Juwita...like ur new albulm so much...wish that u can ome to church to sing again...all da best in everything u do... May God be with u in everything u do...
u rock...i saw ur concert last nite 20/8/2007...i like the satu suara song....God bless u.
hi ju.. nice meeting u today..
Ur voice is fantastic compared to the others but yet u r still humble. That's great.Keep up ur good work:D
Hey Ju :) It is blessing to hav u during d dinner last sunday nite. Thank you 4 coming. C u... God Bless :D
i'm very blessed by your performance at the diner last nite..anyway, the cd that i bought, i enjoy it very much. Thanks and God Bless ya...
u know what, u r awsome...u have a very nice voice...and telling the truth u r much more better than siti...love ur songs especially walk away...keep up the good work eh
Awesome voice!! Great skill!! Speechless.. What an amazing grace from God!! Thanks for blessing me so much!!
How do i get in touch with Juwita's agent for a concert booking???
Hi Juwita! I love your music. You are such an inspiration. I have always been your #1 fan evr since your first album came out in stores. I hope there will be even more albums in the near future. Ciau!
i lov ur song.....great voice tooo.....when u want sing with siti nurhaliza for more glamour.i hope keep going sing english song and duet with siti nurhaliza.i'm sure u can make malaysian open their eyes...
i like the VMY songs.. keep up the good work :) congrats & cheers..
Hey, I love your songs! They are so great. I heard about you from a friend of mine, you know him too...Eric F...or better known as the Foo Man. I saw you in KL when I was attending the E06. Your really great. I'll help to bring your music over to England. Praying for you and God bless. Keira <><
hello juwita..i really loves all of your song..i dont know how,but everytime i hear your song,it really calm my nerves..when im feeling down,i listen to your song and it'll lift my mood..u have such an angel voice..keep up the good work and i wish u all the best
Hi Juwita... can't get enough of u la.... wish u will come out on the TV more often... U have a wonderful voice...a voice that much better than many others.. u can write song... but ur journey as a singer is very low profile.... I think u've got to empower ur promotion... don't worry, u hv me as one of ur marketing tool...;-) I can spread the word about u...& I'm doin it actively now...hehe... But this opinion is sincerely from my heart...I really want to see u goin' far :-) Love ur voice, ur work, ur intention & ur ambition too... Many blessings to u, ur work & ur loved ones...God bless! Sincerely, Joy
love you song~woman... you songs are definitely my favorites. gotta listen to them everyday!I hope you can open your concert in beijing..best wishes to you. love ya~
Hi Juwita, Great Website! Keep up the good work! Was just listening to your first album this morning in my car and my good friend told me you had come out with another one. Trying to find the best way of getting it here in Perth, Australia. Any distributor? you have quite a fan base here by the sound of it... Keep shining and be blessed! Nigel Onamade Sweet Sounds Productions...
Hi Juwita... Wish u in the best of health and condition... hah...u've just came back from Jakarta kan....wishing u can upload some pictures of u there... Wish u all the best!Cheers!
hi, i'm francine from perth. few months ago i watched the drama "the outside" and was fall in love the "breathe again" so i was curious about who is the singer. later found it u a malaysian gal i was surprise. cos ur voice was clear and touch. i love it. keep it on!!! move u mave a good result in ur new album
"One thing God has spoken,two things have I heard; that you.O God are strong."Joy and find rest and peace again today and be happy and win the lost men to christ,pray for blessed revival soon.Thanks and bless.keijo sweden
Juwita, I'm a big fan of yours loved your 1st album and this second one vocally you have strenched yourself.Great job and many blessings to you. Bernard George
"walk away" ironically brings me closer to malaysia's music industry and keeps me grounded.thank you gal.
wachaaa!!!! awesome...nice webbie u haveee...hope u doing goodd...:P cheers
Hope to get more albums from you that I can give-away to my young nieces & nephews (by the way, I'm a middle-aged lady & a new fan of yours). You are an excellent inspiration to the youth worldwide. God bless you more!
hope you read dis n my email.. p/s: u rox!!(so does thousands of peep saying dis.. hehe..)
oh.... the part of a fool is so nice and touching... such a meaningful song! love your vocal =)
hey juwita~remember us from FAOG? we miss u so much..heard that u will be coming to kb again? God bless
Juwita tetap mantap!
ur song "walk away" very nice to hear!
Heya love the song.. and you sang very well :) Congratulations! Simply inspiring :) Do visit http://www.themalaysiapage.com for the video.
pretty website, nice new look...u must love orange colour very much. :-)
just brilliant....what more can i say
My whole family love both your albums, Brand New World & For Real. Went to Maria's Cafe, Greentown Ipoh for our 13th Wedding anniversary and they were playing your albums there and we were happily singing along.TQ for your music. You will go far Girl and we will be praying for your continued success both musically and spiritually. God bless.
Finally! A truly talented Malaysian artist.I very much enjoy your songs, especially Destinys Calling. When I first heard the song on the radio I was like "Who is this? Whats this nice song Im hearing?" Its Juwita Suwito!! Keep up your fine work. "Ganbate!" ~Mondy~
Hello Juwita, i'm from philippines, i have a girlfriend from kuching and i was very much interested about malaysia so i visit the malaysian tourism website and i found the song one golde celebration. So i downloaded it and wowwww what an excellent song, the arrangement, the rythm, the tonal color and as well as the vocals, it really reflects the true culture of an asian nation. But, one thing that amazes me is the vocals, the song interpretation is amazing, it seems that the vocals is full of shall i say a million colours, and I felt inlove with the voice of Juwita and I search for more songs of Juwita and wowww they are really great. This is the first time that i admire a malaysian performer. More power to you Juwita! I hope that you can come to the Philippines and perform here' "maayong adlaw sa inyong tanan"
hi sis,i love ur songs..hope one day i can be a singer like u. i really love singing..god bless you.
i love your songs and voice, wonderful!! keep it up!!
heyyyyy wonder if ull read this or remember the 3 people who were watching u today hahaha. i found your song on utube and its great btw!!
i wish to sing like you. hope that i can sing with you. God bless you! Continue to use your alent to share the joy of God!!
Hey Juwita...Remember me? I like the new album a lot. You look soooooo different in the pictures...I hope to see u again!!!
Ya..ya..listen to juwita's voice, boleh jatuh cinta to her wei! true..true...luv u juwita...muaks!
Hye juwita..i really luv ur new song 'Walk Away'..memang power gler suara u..1st time i dgr lagu ni terus i jatuh cinta dgn lagu ni..lirik nya terlalu mendalam maksudnya..woww..u amazing..u bikin i jatuh cinta sama u lah..haha..Keep it up..May god bless u..luv ya!!
tonight your concert are great and thank for your beautiful voice and beside that you help god to donate for the foundation of the structure. well you also dun forget about me. i will send picture over you.
Hello Juwita. Nice to meet you in person again in Klang. I really enjoyed and blessed by your wonderful singing. keep it up.!Do come back again. May God continue to use you mightly in this ministry.
hi juwita i am a fan of u . so just want to wish you good luck at your album an praise to god an take care bye. -florence-
Hi Juwita, sorry keep in touch with u. Masing2 pun bz kan :) But yes, I'm updating myself with all your email :) Juz to congratulate u on your new album. Sorry fren can't make it 4 d launching d other day. But yes, I did receive d invitation. I've listen 2 u songs, & they r awesome girl :D Here juz to encourage u even more. Read Philipians 2:13 hehe... God bless u dear Luv sis Esther @ Ruran
Hey there i guess you got my email before hahaha.. how are you? well I'm rocky siew student.if you kinda of forgotten me.. haha.. hey you've got nice nice songs. Keep going on with it.. a Light hse for God.. :) God bless !! - nath -
can u give me the lyric of the song one golden celebration...?? plz.. i want both english and malay version plz...
dear juwita, i really like to hear u sing the song one golden celebration.. u Rock!! juwita rulez!
Dear Juwita, I love to hear ya high and energetic vocal performance everytime ya live show, could ya please enable ya videoclip of ya recorded or live on this website? J.Davis
hi dear juwita, u make me crazy after sometimes i dont have any feels to Malaysian Singer.. now u prove it... Malaysia Boleh! really cool!
hey!!!! i watching u singing siti nurhaliza song!!!!! bisakah.. lovely
omg i can't stop listening to "walk away"!! So so touching!Love it! definitely an album i'll buy!=)) not to forget. Fantastic vocal =D
hey ju...a hillsong album would be nice!! just a suggestion..:D stay sweet!
I love your 'Walk Away' song too much...
Dear sweet Juwita, I'm in Vietnam but i have listened many times your "Breath Again", "You In Me" as well as your full last album". I love them so much! Thank for such your nice voice!!
saya begitu tertarik dgn melodi dan lirik lagu TEMAN SEJATI .. sangat menyentuh dan memang hanya DIA sajalah teman sejati yg tdk akn mengkhianati kita .. AMEN ... terus berkarya bagi YeSus ...
Caught you twice at Alexis and both are great. Hoping to catch you more, live of coz :)
you're one in a million...awesome voice... keep up the good work! keep shining for Christ! God bless!
Dear Ms Suwito I love your songs. Thank you. Sue
oooooo my god!!!!..... i love this song so much (One Golden Celebration)..your vocal was awesome and incredible.. i think im already in love wz this song and also your voice..Keep it up...=)
Your voice is gifted. Powerful and explosive as I notice from 'Walk Away'.. Hope to see more similar rock production in near future.
hey.. i saw u in Prelude kemuncak AIM.. what a great performance!! well, i`m looking 4 ur album here, in Perak but.. it`s hard to find it... ok.. well i hope u can active ur myspace profile... Luv ur music...
The song I said just now - Destiny' Calling. It's an awesome song!
Hi, Ms Juwita Heard your song broadcasted by a local radio station...Eventhough I didn't know what's the song's title, your vocal was incredible & awesome. Too bad I can't go to see you live in action at Auditorium MBSA this Friday... Keep up the good work Juwita!!!
Hi Juwita, Just want to say THANK YOU SOOO MUCH for coming to perform at Young Visionaries 2007! It has been such a pleasure meeting you and to hear your wonderful music! Keep up the great job that you do! Audrey
Hye Juwita, For me you are not just a singer but you bring yourself as a music to my ear,and the music that you've created is coming from the heart,and you are a gifted one.Keep up the spirit! regards, -Lisa-
My daughter and I looking forward to meet you next month at CGMC. Great voice & meaningful songs.Keep it up... GB Mike & Adelyn
I love the VMY theme song (One Golden Celebration) sang by you. Very powerful vocal performance, it is superb!
I love the song "You in Me" is that song in any of ya album? work hard n stay happy oh!
hey, i saw you on muzik-muzik.. i will vote for it... yeman sejati is a cool song.....
Hi Juwita.. I am one of your class mate during primary school with mimi and siti zurina.. Really proud on your achievement..keep up the energetic work..
Oh nice! Very pretty page!
i love your walk away song. Its touching, and your voice brings out the emotions,depth and everything in it. Means loads to me Forever appreciated
Bought your For Real CD during the Vocal Workshop@KTS, Kch. Play the CD in the office and my colleague love your voice and songs. Glad to meet you for real. Keep on singing.
hey,girl,i like your walk away so much.. u r great~!!
thanks juwita.i really had a great time with u & mark in the workshop yesterday.thanks 4 the autograph!
thx for the lovely and entertaining workshop with Mark David...i reli liked the one you sang "If i aint got u" with Mark. All the best!!!
Luv ur voice & music..i wanna request for 'walk away' lyrics..could u send me da lyrics..tq.
Your voice is very nice.. Support you..~
heya juwita. heard many songs of yours but walk away definitely rocks more than any other songs.. keep producing these kinda songs=) oh yea your voice is very nice.. +.mal.+
Hello Ms Juwita I recently bought your "Brand New World" CD and was impressed by your singing and talent (though the CD cover is a little disappointing, but no worries , the music arrangement and your outstanding vocal outshines the cover) Just read about your new "for Real" in NST and I am definitely buying one. All the best and Have a Good year ahead. Cheers!!
HI Juwita, I just want to say how i get impressed and inspired by the gifts from our God Jesus Christ to you.. will owes remember you in my prayer..wish you all the best and lookign forward for you next Real One album.. i live in Kch and we heard about your next program to come to Kuching.. so see u there..FYI i also interested in this ministry....jst that i need to seek God more for His wisdom..ok.. have a gud day and Happy Velentine Day.. CHeers!,
I like you voice... The misic is nice... u'r fan's robyn
gosh! your voice is amazing! i first heard your song through a friend and i felt in love immediately. im wishing for more!
your song says it all. may God bless u =)
Hi Juwita, Your music is inspirational. God truly has many ways to the heart and soul of his children. One of it, is through gifted voices such as yours. Regards Joe
hey,I really got to say you have GREAT VOCALS !! i love all your songs !! All the best in all you are doing! God bless!
I love your "Walk Away"! It's rare to hear such song from Malaysian artists! The song is world (international) class! Not many Malaysian artists could provide such music, and you made it! Keep it up!
your song on Malaysia: One Golden Celebration is definitely superbe.
I haven't listened ur new song.but I know it will sounds nice.now I have downloaded the radio what you talked with DJ (sorry,I didn't remember the DJ's name.)And I also share your songs with my Chinese friends,yes,I come from China.From now on ,"U IN ME " is my favourite song.I want to ask that can I buy your ablum in China? and what can I do??Thank you.I will always follow u.
Hey,just got your 2nd album from Dr Richard. Love the songs so much! Keep it up and continue to make lovely music for the people around you. >_<
Love ur songs & voice(love to hear ur duet with Faizal, Mayday)....wish u all the best. God bless & luv ya!!!!
Hey, we have almost the same names. Congrats on the 2nd album and keep on shining to people around you!
I love track 'Teman Sejati'. Much like to my life story. The melody and the lyric and don't forget your voice is splendid. Beside that I also previous song 'You In Me'. Thank God for produce nice album.
I love all your songs! You are so talented. "All this Time" is my favourite song. Ever since you sang that song in church (DUMC), I just had to buy your 2nd album. Have you ever thought about having a vocal class for kids, like me? God Bless!
Love your debut album and I love your 2nd even more. "Beautiful lies" is great. Your CD is going to my daughter and mother-in-law in Australia! Been telling my friends about you too. Your voice is just divine. What a great gift you have. PTL! May you continue to inspire many others including me!
Allo there! Was there when u performed in DUMC last sat. You have a great voice. Bought your CD on the way out. My favourite track is ALL THIS TIME, which u performed too. I saw a lot of myself in those lyrics... There are 2 two-liners that resonates in me most... I want to quote them here. "The pain I caused you all this time / When I look in your eyes" "Cos in your eyes I find / The tears that loved me all this time" I myself have penned a number of songs since school days. Hope to share with you someday. Do write me. Cheers!
hi, Juwita! i was so blessed by ur songs! Ur songs had brought me up whn i was in great disappointment jst now, n i keep on crying when i heard the song "only in the dark", tis was d 1st time i heard ur voice... keep on shining for Christ, may God bless u!
Hello, Juwita. Today is my first time hearing your voice at dumc. Your voice and lyrics have touched and inspired me personally. When are you going to open a vocal class in kl? So that you can equip and teach young people (like me) who are interested in singing and music to serve God like the way you do? Anyway, continue to shine for Christ! =)
Hello Juwita,the songs you sang in DUMC was great.good lyrics and nice music in the background..Blessed Christmas
Another big hit from a great talent. U'r awesome! Keep it up :) When can we jam aa? Merry Christmas to u :)
Hey Juwita,thanks for the Vocal Workshop at RAM Production.I have learn a lot from you and is a pleasure 2 learn from someone like you who have experience in vocal. I also a big fan of local music scene...Love your music All The Best To You
Here's to the future as label mates... Awesome tracks.. I wanna play them live one day
Hi Suwito, welcome to SABAH. Im one of your fan. I really like your song especially the "Breathe Again". The song and the lyric are so touching. HOPE to see you again and lastly HOPE to HEAR you sing the "BREATHE AGAIN". Keep it up ya! All the best!!
Hi JS, So glad you came to Sabah every yr since 2004. I've been promoting Oops-asia team since the first time i get to know you all. Last year i got my classmate attention (KDCA). This yr UMS got a lot people's attention (Yayasan). Thank 4 taking d last photo with me that night. My youth lost my "Brand New World", She promise to replace one when she go to KL.(hopefully she will) Glad that my friends in UMS love you, i can't follow the workshop tommorow cause i need to work. so i'll be at gaya 'jie' to support you Peace ^_^
Hi, juita. i love your song, especially teman sejati tu, awk ni memang terorlah cipta lagu, semua nya sedap didengar. anyway all the best.
hello there Juwita!!! i was there for your xmas concert in KK.you were amazing!!! merry christmas and yes..indeed HE is the best friend we can find.thanks for such inspiration! takecare and God bless
Keep up your good job & God Bless!
Hey! Hebatla awak! way to go girl!
Hey Ju, Nice website. I'm ur loyal fan & friend. Continue 2 inspire everyone tru your songs. God bless.
Hey Juwita! Finally you got a website! This is great. Keep doing what you are doing. You are an inspiration to many! Regards, Cmate
Wow!! U have a website! I am so glad that your second album is out! Can't wait to get it. Loved what you did on Malaysia One Golden Celebration too! Keep it going ...!! All the way behind you! :) Blessings DT http://deetee.wordpress.com
Hi! Great website! Love your first album "Brand New World" and can't wait to grab your latest album "For Real". Keep up the good work, and may your music continue to touch lives. God bless always, MS SIBAT (just another fan)
hey juwita!!! love the new album!!! love the concert @ kuantan HEY!! JUST KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!!!!! LOVE YA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Fuh yo! Didn't know got website already :) Very nicely done! Congrats on the release of your new album! God bless and love lots, Amy
Dear Juwita, Really enjoyed the concert at Kuantan today! I was the writer who hoped and still hope to get a few pointers from you :D Thanks so much for the enriching concert~! God Bless!
Hey Ju, CONGRATULATIONS!! The website looks GREAT! Keep it up, Sister! God bless you always
Heya Ju! Juwita-fan signing in! ^o^ Anyway, just wanted to congratulate you on your new website. It RAWKS! ^^ Heheh. Miss ya loads!
Hey Ju, So glad to see everything went so smooth & well for you. All the blessings to you. I'm so glad for you, sis. Keep it up! Love always.
Hi Ju, congrats on the new webbie & album.. see you soon sometime.. May God's richest blessing continue to keep you strong and may He show up expressingly in your ministry and mission..