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Showbiz: Rise and Rise of Juwita

From New Straits Times | Live | Showbiz: Rise and Rise of Juwita
By Dennis Chua

"Juwita Suwito's star shines bright with an upcoming concert with the Malaysian Philharmonic Orchestra...

Juwita says: "The 11-piece ensemble will be joined by a six-piece band that I tour with. We're working on 12 songs, mostly our performance favorites - a mix of originals and well-known covers. The orchestral arrangements by (Thomas E) Rouch definitely give each of the songs a new flavour. I can't wait to hear the MPO musicians bringing them to life."

"The first three things that struck me were their passion, enthusiasm and professionalism. They know exactly what is needed to get the job done as efficiently as possible," she says.

Juwita recalls that jazz musician Roy Ayers once said the true beautfy of music is that it connects people.

"For me, the most amazing moment is when pure passion and natural talent - honed with hours of practice - synergises on stage to reach the hearts of listeners..."

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